Welcome to The Ultimate Schedule Generator!!!

The Ultimate Schedule Generator offers the most comprehensive sports league schedule generating tool available on the Web! It provides you the flexibility and control to design a schedule the way YOU want!

It can be used for both fantasy sports leagues and recreational sports leagues. No matter the size of your league, big or small, The Ultimate Schedule Generator has a schedule for you!

You control the design!
  • Odd or even number of teams
  • One division, multiple divisions, or conferences
  • One game a week, doubleheaders, tripleheaders, or more
  • Random, Round Robin, Divisional Play, Conference Play, and any combination of scheduling types!
The Ultimate Schedule Generator charges a nominal service fee of $11.99 for generating your unique schedule.

Fantasy Sports Leagues

Do you need your draft order generated???
We have The Ultimate Fantasy Draft Order Generator too!!! You can choose from three types of draft order:
Traditional Snake, Alternating Snake or Fully Random.
The Ultimate Fantasy Draft Order Generator is a complimentary service!

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